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She made me feel terrible about my body and feel disgust towards men. This hurts so much.

I started to rebel against my mother at 18 years of age. I developed an OCD problem of scab-picking. Those opinions were strong ones about how I could prevent myself from ever having children; how I could avoid never being involved with men; and how I could ensure nobody would sexually abuse me.

But then I do not know. My mother, set me up to brainwash myself to hate men, so she could later blame me and point the finger at me when I failed in relationships. On one hand she would be very nice if I did what she wanted but if I did not, she would threaten to sell the holiday house she owned, that she knew I loved, if I did not do as she said.

I confided in my younger brother who was only 8 years old. I lived in horror that it would happen to me.

I am still suffering after what he did. Those were secrets in my mind that I could not talk about.

I became angry and would shout at her that I would never go out with men -ever! My behaviour was moulded by her words. My imagination about this man turned into a crush that made me ill. I just could not. She would tease me about men that she imagined I would go out with.

I just grieved for 4 years about him until one day, at the age of 26, a narcissistic male 18 years older than me conned me into the first disastrous relationship I ever had. None of my relationships with men worked out because all of them were with cruel narcissistic men.

If I had my own opinions at all, they were locked deep in my subconscious. They have made me afraid of being alone exactly as she did during my formative years. I liked him because he had lost his fingers in an accident.

They threatened to take away what meant the most to me if I did not do as they said, exactly as she used to to get her own way from me.

But he turned out later to be one of the worst narcissistic partners I have ever met. That man never knew I had a crush on him. She was obsessed with me having babies so much so that I had an abortion at 28 years of age when I got pregnant and begged the surgeon to sterilise me so I would never have children.

She would read out all the rape cases out of the newspaper aloud and turn up the radio full bore whenever there was news of a sexual assault on somebody to remind me that this was what happened to women because they were female. She did the same thing of one boyfriend I had. Here I was at 18 telling my 8 year old brother of the terrible grief I was going through over that man.

When I was 18 years old, I suffered terrible confusion when I actually did like a man. I endured hell at times. After reading some of the things people have said here, I realise I probably have been a narcissist myself at times out of sheer reactions to situations I have been landed with.

I learnt to endure psychological abuse. My mother was not as bad as yours but she certainly did her share of damage. I feel I made the responsible choice there.

On the surface, I would agree with everything my mother said. My brother was just a child! I did not like him much but she created a huge drama out of my friendship with him, putting words into my mouth and making me ashamed, confirming the worst I had ever imagined would happen if I ever went out with a male.

I avoided younger men like the plague. It went away briefly at one time when I had seemed to be with a man who cared about me. I was codependent on my mother as a child and went back for more. My mother had spent her life comparing her body to mine and going on about diets.

My mother had never stopped talking about how perverted sex was my entire formative years.

Do I Have a Narcissistic Mother? Check These 21 Signs To See If you Have a Narcissistic Mother

The irony for me is that my mother who abused me, has ended up helping me out of each disaster with men who abused me. I still have that same OCD problem today, I am ashamed to confess.Watch Buceta loca de tesao video caseiro - free porn video on MecVideos.

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Dating sistes local too free numbers
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