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According to Reuters, such content is "being spread like a wildfire" on the social media platform. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost and too stubborn to ask for directions.

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Boys are like baby diapers when they get to be filled with shit they are thrown to be replaced. I speak my mind. You never leave your data, you are not asked to enter through the accounts of social networks.

X believes that if you tell your boss what you really think of him, the truth will set you free. Objects in mirror are fatter than they appear. Boys and girls facebook chat store was to be available on iPhonesAndroid devices, and mobile web users. In a virtual and shared space, users can access a curated selection of degree photos and videos using their avatar, with the support of the controller.

The campaign highlighted content promoting domestic and sexual violence against women, and used over 57, tweets and more than 4, emails that caused withdrawal of advertising from the site by 15 companies, including Nissan UK, House of Burlesque and Nationwide UK.

But if you stopped posting about other things and made this your status, yours could be like mine. Stop counting smart one. Users can create profiles, see updates from co-workers on their news feed, stream live video and participate in secure group chats.

I rearrange traffic signs. I use to be great at wordplay. The company announced million users in July[42] and according to its data, half of the site's membership used Facebook daily, for an average of 34 minutes, while million users accessed the site by mobile.

I went away and came back with a cup of water…. Every day, man is making bigger and better fool-proof things, and every day, nature is making bigger and better fools. And a pole in the middle of the room. This article is all about very funny Facebook status messages that have been written by real people.

A "circuit breaker" trading curb was used in an attempt to slow down the stock price's decline. Sometimes your Knight in shinning armour is just an idiot wrapped in tinfoil. Is anyone going to put anything funny on here?????

NEVER trust a man in a wheelchair with dirty shoes.On October 23,Maywood Police Officer Thomas T. Wood was sitting in his marked patrol SUV near the intersection of 6th Avenue and Erie Street in Maywood, Illinois, when he was shot multiple.

Just the beginning. SINN & is what's new, the hottest new online magazine and social networking site for adult. It is sophisticated and provocative, featuring some of the sexiest glamour and erotic nude models, and adult performers.

No need to worry about a scratchy beard between your legs. Cosmopolitan. Sp S on S so S red S · 9 mins ·. Funny Facebook Status Updates is a great way to brighten up your profile page and we share the best ideas here on

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150+ Hilarious Funny Facebook Status Updates!!

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Boys and girls facebook chat
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